Computer system DAQPAQ

registr.jpgIn 2007, the company "Westor Overseas Holdings" equipped all coiled tubing rigs with the control and recording devices with the information output about the conducting works at the well in real-time on the computer screen in the form of graphs and in digital format in the form of the tabular data..

By getting the full information about the carried out works on each well it has become possible for the engineering staff of the company to analyze the data obtained during the work on the well. The obtained data allows to control the methods of carrying out the repair works, to enhance the repair quality of the wells and their planning, to reduce the time and the material costs of the repairs.

System registers:

  • The work pressure (the pressure in the flexible pipe);
  • The supply (consumption) of the fluid that injected into the well;
  • The supply (consumption) of the gaseous nitrogen that injected into the well;
  • The weight of the flexible tube (the load on the flexible tube);
  • The depth descent of the flexible tube;
  • The speed of the descent (ascent) FT;
  • The pressure at the wellhead in the between columns space;
  • The thickness of the wall of the flexible tube.

Устевые данные

In addition to the listed data the company “Westor Overseas Holdings” has the opportunity to work by the definition:

  • The well’s potential (the work of ESP is simulated by pumping ) with the simultaneous measurement of the bottomhole pressure and the temperature;
  • EHF
  • The watering;
  • The bottomhole pressure;
  • The bottomhole temperature;
  • The static level of the well;
  • The dynamic level of the well;
  • The wellhead temperature of the fluid which is coming out from the well;
  • The wellhead pressure of the in between columns spaces.