Operation bases and structural subdivisions

The Company owns warehouses and two repair bases in Raduzhny and Nefteyugansk. One of the Company departments is situated in Houston, USA. This department is responsible for organizing delivery of imported spare parts and components for operational equipment. We have a highly developed system of our scheduled and operative deliveries in spare parts, fuels and lubricants from the most renowned international manufacturers.


Our working teams are equipped with office equipment, internet-ready cellular telephones. This allowed us to reach the highest level of organizational management and reporting. We invite foreign experts for equipment inspections and staff training. Working teams of our Company are equipped with mobile housings.


In 2008-2009 we have executed full modernization of our mobile housings. Presently each working team has own complex of housing carriages including sleeping carriage, carriage for working cloths drying, metal workshop carriage, household carriages with kitchens, dining rooms and shower cabins. Such complexes allow increasing mobility of our working teams, minimizing preparation works and executing works under field conditions if developed infrastructure is unavailable.