Ecologycal policy

From the foundation our Company characterizes a serious attitude towards ecological issues and compliance with ecological requirements. This allows us to solve many relevant problems.


While compiling documents, whether a work schedule for well reconditioning, regulation or order – all of them take into consideration issues associated with ecology. Our Central Engineering Service regulates workshops and departments operation which are subject to prevention of environmental pollution. We prefer preventing emergency situations versus repairing the damages. This helps us to achieve increased working morale.


Our teams commonly work with nitrogen plants. Although nitrogen applications for oil-and-gas wells are considered as ecologically safe, fire and explosive safe and regulated by ecological, geotechnical, and inspecting authorities

We strictly observe all the requirements of environmental security. For environment conservation we execute the following preventive measures:

  • Prevention of soil pollution by diverse chemical agents applied in engineering processes;
  • Application of additional reservoirs included in team kitting list instead of temporary earth storages within performance processes;
  • Reduction of working area at the expense of housing and auxiliary equipment compaction;
  • Reduction (up to elimination) of emergencies and oil-and-gas blowouts at well sites due to technologic discipline;
  • Complete refusal from environmentally harmful chemical agents applications;
  • Utilization of housing and other wastes in specially arranged places and etc.