Nowadays Khanty-Mansi autonomous area enters Top-10 of Russia’s economically leading constituent units and possesses an impressive economic potential owing to the fact that it includes several “Company” towns.

The city of Raduzhny is one of the most prospective towns in Russia. The towns’ approximate population is around 50,000 people. Its history began when a first team of builders which composed of 12 people had arrived to this region.

One of the most outstanding events of Raduzhny had taken place in early 1973 – when it produced its first ton of oil. From this moment on the settlement started to grow rapidly and in 1985 it had acquired status from the city. The Company of WESTOR Overseas holdings also located here in Raduzhny.

In a moment Raduzhny, a city concentrated in the oil-and-gas industry is justly recognized as the most economically successful city out of the whole West Siberia region.

A 1500-seat ice hockey stadium, a Christian church, Muslim masjid and several community facilities within the city. A district program “Habitation” was successfully implemented.