Work types of the MNS

Within the whole period of operation, the Company constantly develops new technologies for wells servicing with nitrogen applications:


  • Flow stimulation by lowering the liquid level in borehole (R-lift);
  • Reliving boreholes from water blocking;
  • Borehole survey (writing pressure build-up);
  • Deep penetrating chemical treatment of stratum with nitrogen;
  • Extraction of formation water, drilling mud fluid, chemical processing of the reaction products from bottom-hole zone;
  • Flushing of bottom holes with anomalously-low formations pressure by nitrate liquids without servicing and work over of wells and coil tubing;
  • Thermal insulation of tubing-casing annulus;
  • Pressure testing of wellhead equipment and slide valves, pipelines, equipment (working pressure = 72 MPa);
  • Pressure testing of flow tubing, tubing hanger, boring pipes, blow out equipment, annulus after installation of packers and etc.;
  • Increasing of injection capacity by cleaning the bottom-hole zone according to under burden on formation method;
  • Fluid displacement from infield and long-distance pipelines; piston, scrappers run, pipelines preparation for preservation or dismantling;
  • Lowering the gas concentration in pipelines and industrial vessels before starting welding works;
  • Hydraulic fracturing with nitrogen and etc.;
  • Mounting boreholes with cement mortar, foamed nitrogen;
  • Determination of actual potential of the bore hole.